Fireplace in your home

Virtual coziness. Why am I so enamored with the looping video of a crackling fire? Especially when we’re still experiencing summer temperatures?

Turns out the crackling sound paired with the dancing glowing flames has a calming effect. It soothes us and helps focus. It can elevate the effects of mindfullness and wellbeing, and lowers blood pressure. It’s white noise that isn’t white noise.

Add a glass of wine, a good book and sleeping dog, and that’s one lovely evening.

It all started back in 1966. Back then it aired on television in New York so people who did not have a real fireplace could enjoy the comfort of one, even if it was on a screen. Since then, it has evolved through visual technology from live TV, VHS tapes, DVDs, YouTube and streaming.

There’s even spin-offs including comedian Nick Offerman’s version (10 hours of a fireplace and him drinking whiskey), one with a purring cat, happy dog or a beachside fire. The beach fire might be my new favorite. πŸ˜€

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