We’re enrolled! #StingersUp

Kid #2 is enrolled!

We spent the day in Emporia, getting things ready to go for fall 2022. Zach will be rooming with three other boys from his high school, and they were all there too.

We made sure we had all our paperwork done, ate breakfast and played a few online texting games. Can you guess which answer was his? #DiscGolfBaby

We heard from several administrators, the CEO of the Emporia Chamber and the enrollment director. We divided up by major (undecided for us) and were given recommended courses to take the first semester.

Our advisor suggested Composition, Biology and Biology Lab, Modern World Civilization and Introduction to Philosophy. I think he’s starting with about 15 hours of college credit already. We got several courses out of the way in high school, including Literature, College Algebra, Psychology, Sociology, Physics, and Speech.

We even made it into the picture the school posted to twitter. Here’s the pic…

We also were fed lunch, heard more presentations and took a tour of the dorms. Here’s the group of us!

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