Senior prom

Well, don’t we look sharp. It’s senior prom time!

I won’t go into detail about the #TuxRentalFiasco, but I will say I will not go back to a certain men’s place to buy and rent suits and tuxedos. It all worked out in the end, so there’s that.

There were five guys that all went together. Pictures first, then dinner at Logan’s Roadhouse, then off to the dance.

Prom was held at the school this year. It was originally scheduled to be at B-29 Doc Hangar (where it was last year), but I guess the venue was double booked. Our school got bumped because it was the second to reserve the space. Oh well. Back in the early 90s, we had our prom at school, so no big deal!

He came home around 11 p.m. to change, then headed back to after prom which lasted until after 2 a.m.

The kid didn’t get out of bed until noon the next day.

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