12th annual* ski trip – 2022

*should have been 13th annual. But 2020 happened so…

This year, we went with another family to ski. They have a son the boys’ age. On Saturday, we carpooled to Denver, switching up the seating arrangements in the cars. We stayed at the same hotel we stayed in the first night last year, before the #snowmageddon2021.

When we arrived, we ran into some former neighbors in the lobby who were also going skiing in Colorado. #SmallWorld

We got locked out of our room when the security latch somehow got latched when we were all OUTSIDE the room.

We had to call maintenance to help us get in. Here we are waiting…

The maintenance worker said this has only happened once before.

At one point, the grown children were physically fighting over who got to sleep on the side of the bed near the outlet.

The next morning, there was even time for a couple of holes of disc golf at Dry Dock.

From Denver, the plan was to drive to Idaho Springs for lunch, but the place was packed and we couldn’t find a parking spot anywhere. We drove to Dillon and ate at the Dillon Dam Brewery, then headed to the grocery store to get food for our week-long meals.

We divvied up meal duty:

  • Sunday night: Adam, Zach and Kaleb made spaghetti and meatballs (actually it was cut up sausage because the grocery store was out of meatballs) and green beans.
  • Monday: Scott & Susan – steaks and baked potatoes.
  • Tuesday: Kyle & Jessie – Fettuccini Alfredo and garlic bread.
  • Wednesday: Scott – burgers and whatever leftover sides.
  • Thursday: Leftovers

View from our condo window:

After dinner, we played a lively round of Family Feud. The Dyers were ahead most of the game, but then the Howards snuck in and ended up winning the game.

We are skiing Copper Mountain this year. Scott and Adam have skied here one or two other times, but it’s new to Zach and me. The weather was good and we skied blues and blacks. I didn’t ski as long as the boys.

While cooking steaks, Scott we set off the building fire alarm. We are definitely making an impression at this condo 🤣. I’m wondering if this has happened before, because the other people staying here did not seem concerned, and no one evacuated.

All the boys skied. Jessie and I looked around Frisco, CO. We visited the Frisco Historical Museum and Park and learned the history of the town.

Fun fact: the name “Frisco” was derived from a combination of letters associated with the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company – the “F R” from Francisco, the “I S ”from St. Louis, and the “C O” for Company, which produced …F R I S C O.

This Frisco Line, originating in Missouri, never made its way into Frisco, Colorado. It eventually ran south and ended up in Frisco, Texas instead.

We shopped around town, stopping at the Frisco Emporium and the Back Country Apothecary. We ate at the Butterhorn Bakery.

We decided last minute to do the one-mile hike to Rainbow Lake Trailhead. Neither one of us had “hiking attire” on, but we made it work.

There were lots of people on the trail and the snow was packed probably two feet. It was perfect weather – 40 degrees and sunny. In fact, it did get a little hot as we were hiking.

We didn’t even know we had reached the lake until I looked at my GPS and we were standing in the middle of it.

Snowmobile day! This is the first time we’ve done this on a ski trip. We drove about 45 minutes to a place near Camp Hale, an old military installation that is now apart of a national historic site.

We got two double snowmobiles and three single snowmobiles. All the boys rode solo. The adults rode double.

The trail took us up Resolution Road to Ptmargin Hill, a place for great views.

It was cloudy, so the view probably could have been better.

We drove back down and then toured around the area, taking other trails.


Another ski day. It snowed heavily in the morning, and it was cold. I waited until the afternoon to ski.

Leftover night, plus we’d been watching Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett, so we were able to finish that series.

Headed home.

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