What do you do when you turn 18?

Register to vote?

That… but also this.

Some places allow 16 year olds to skydive, but the place we went required skydivers to be 18. Aunt Lisa was here, and she jumped with him!

We drove to Kansas City on Sunday and met Pam and Ted there. Our plan was to eat a light picnic lunch. Our jump was at 1 p.m. It was super cloudy in the morning, so all the jumps were delayed until the clouds cleared up.

We watched around 50 people jump before us. They had one plane that went up and down. I think it could hold about 12-14 people.

Zach and Lisa had to attend a one hour training first, and sign a bunch of documents. Then we waited.

I think they finally jumped about 4:45 p.m. Walking out to the plane.

In the plane…


Enjoying the view.

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