Colorado disc golfing

Lake Dillon Disc Golf Course signature hole #8.

One of the things Kid #2 wanted to do to celebrate #18 was try out some disc golf courses in Colorado. There was no school on Friday, so we hopped in the car (even Ali) and headed west. We picked up Aunt Lisa at the Denver airport who flew in for this, plus will be driving back with us to spend a few days.

We stayed in a great little airbnb in Dillon, CO. We rolled in Friday evening around 6 p.m. While Lisa and I made a quick trip to the grocery store, Scott and Zach did some practice putting at a little practice basket near our condo.

Long story short – there were 45 holes of disc golf played on Saturday. This was the first hole of the day.

It was 39 degrees in the morning. The first course was Peak One in Frisco. It’s a 27-hole flat course, with great views of Lake Dillon.

We took Ali in the morning, while it was cool. Obligatory selfie with all of us.

A few of the holes were lakeside, and some of them had quirky benches made out of old ski lifts. There were also a few teepee looking structures or enclosed areas made out of branches. I’m assuming to rest and get out of the sun?

Ali couldn’t make it the whole 27 holes, so Lisa and I took her back to the condo (so she could nap). After the guys were done, we picked them up and had lunch ate at Pug Ryan’s Brewery.

In the afternoon, we went to the highly-rated Lake Dillon course. It was a 10-minute trek to the first hole. The older adults had to sit down and rest for a few minutes.

Evidently, this does not count since it’s not in basket.

Lots and lots of hiking on this course.

View from hole #4. That’s Lake Dillon in the background.

Lisa and I served as spotters. Meaning, we walked ahed to find the basket to help tell the players where it was.

Sometimes we had to jump and wave our arms to people had an idea of where the basket is. Zach is on the other side of the trees.

Believe it or not, we did not lose any discs on this course.

Zach came out on top for the day. Scott trailed by 23 strokes.

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