Parents weekend

Our first parents weekend at the University of Tulsa!

We got a walking tour of the campus from Adam. He took us around to where all his classes are held on campus. His dorm room is still in one piece. Zach spent the night there and survived. Adam’s dorm room is meant for two students, but the school is still following COVID precautions which means one student in each room instead of two. Adam has two of everything, including a two beds.

You didn’t think we’d go the entire weekend without playing disc golf…

Scott took a little swim on the course… one of his discs landed in a pond so he went in after it. Zach also threw a disc in the pond, but he chose to let it go.

We also ate out and went to a football game.

We drove two cars to Tulsa. I was coming from Kansas City as I had a big event there for work that ended on Friday. It was faster for me to drive from Kansas City to Tulsa than Kansas City to Wichita to Tulsa. Scott needed to drive back up to Kansas City on Sunday for the Chiefs game, so it worked out to take two cars.

We left Sunday morning to get back in time for Zach to do homework. Adam and Scott played another round of disc golf before Scott drove up to Kansas City.

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