Social distancing Sunday – Chase Fishing Lake and Waterfalls

Today, our social distancing Sunday was just me, Scott and Ali. The boys were in Winfield playing in a dics golf tournament. After the tournament, they played at the Cherry Street Park course and on the way home, stopped by a course in Oxford, KS

The three of us went north to Chase State Lake and Falls. The lake is off a dirt road and I think we saw one car the whole time we were there. We did not see any other people while we were there.

We hiked up through the prairie, and back down to the waterfalls, but the river was dried up. This is at the top of what is supposed to be the start of the falls.

It looks like it could be a pretty cool place.

Since we were the only ones there, Ali was able to roam free without a leash. And the weather was great… 50 degrees and sunny.

We hiked through the dried river bed and walked by the lake.

We saw and heard cattle. In the picture below. you can barely see them as black dots on the side of the hill.

We headed into Cottonwood Falls (population 903) in search of food, and ended up in Strong City (population 454) at the Subway near the highway because there’s not much open in small towns on a Sunday afternoon.

On the way home, we stopped by the Clover Cliff ranch, which is a bed and breakfast and home to a highly rated and challenging disc golf course. The course looked neat and you can ride horses there too.

The owner happened to be outside and mentioned that next week the course would be closed because they were bringing some bison through the area. I guess it’s not a great idea for people to be playing disc golf with wild animals around!

I stopped including the coronavirus statistics in September, because it looked as thought the cases were going down, but they are not. Today, there are 54.3 million COVID-19 cases worldwide (+35 million since August), 11.1 million in the United Sates (+6 million), 118,000 in Kansas (+87,916) and 19,504 (+14,781) in Sedgwick County.

This means we are still limiting where we go and who we are with. Our county implemented a few new orders, including extending the mask mandate until December, capping mass gatherings at 100 people or 50% of the fire code (whichever is less), and mandating that restaurants and bars close at 11 p.m. and follow the 50% capacity rule.

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