2020 high school soccer season

Our high school soccer season ended with a heartbreaking loss during our regional games. In an overtime game against our district rival, we lost by one goal

Sounds about right for the year 2020… 😩

We had hoped to make it to state for the third year in a row, but are happy the boys got to experience the last two years winning the runner up slot in the state.

Because of the pandemic, we were unable to have the end of year soccer banquet. Last I heard, the school was considering an early 2021 banquet with only coaches and senior players and their families. πŸ˜•

Here’s a few pictures of the year.

Zach, junior year, Varsity/JV.

Funny story about this…

During this play, Adam had started to take the kick. Then the coach told him to let Zach take it. Some of the parents in the stands thought Adam was just being nice and letting his little brother take the PK. They didn’t realize the coach had told him to!

Adam, senior year, Varsity.

Adam was also honored with being named to the 5A 1st Team All State, and honorable mention in our League.

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