Social distancing Saturday – Jones Park, Emporia, KS

No one likes to wear masks, but that’s what we do when we want to see our family! Zach had a mask… I’m not sure where it was when this picture was taken.

This edition of #COVIDchaos, we headed to Jones Park in Emporia, KS, the halfway point between Wichita and Kansas City. Scott, Steve, Zach and Matthew played a round of disc golf. Me, Oma, Papa, Sherry and Ali set up our lawn chairs and talked in the park. The weather was great – temperatures in the 70s.

Adam had entered a disc golf tournament in Wichita, so he was unable to join us in Emporia.

If you are wondering what Zach and Steve are doing laying on the ground in the picture above, we had to get some tools out to get Ali’s leash unraveled from the post. Here’s another look.

We ordered pizza delivery (yes, the delivered to the park). There was a Pizza incident when the wind blew one of the pizzas off the table and two pieces landed on the ground. Some people said they would eat it, but I threw it away.

We were sitting right be hole #1 and Ali let all the disc golf groups know that she was there by barking.

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