October snow

What the what? It’s October 26 and the “feels like” temperature outside is 12 degrees. There’s snow on the ground and we got our first snow day … sorta.

How does a snow day work when kids only “go to school” two days a week? You get an email from the school that says “…students scheduled to report to school in person will learn from home. All other students already scheduled to have a remote day will continue with their normal schedules.”

It went on to mention that this week the schedule may require Monday in-person learners to go to in-person school on Wednesday, which is normally a “remote learning day.” In addition, administrators are working hard to maximize learning so we don’t have to extend the school year. The calendar already had to be adjusted for #covidchaos and the last thing anyone wants is an extended year of pandemic school.

Man, could anything else disrupt our student’s learning this year? I do not envy the constant and challenging task of trying to manage school during this year.

Back to our snow day. We broke several records for October 26 including coldest temperature (25 degrees was recorded in 1957) and snow accumulation. Our area measured 1.3 inches. The previous record was 0.5 inches in 1913.

The National Weather Service said 1.3 inches is the most snow we’ve ever received this early in the season.

Definitely not sitting out there today.

We were scheduled to start our high school soccer playoff games on Tuesday. That game has now been rescheduled to Saturday. That’s great news because at game time on Tuesday, the wind chill would have been 15 degrees. 🥶

Zach was able to change his work schedule (he originally worked on Saturday) … whew!

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