#COVIDchaos weeks 13-14

June 1-13

As of June 13, there were 7.4 million cases worldwide, 2.1 million in the U.S, 11,047 in Kansas and 715 in Sedgwick County.

The U.S. is opening up after 13 weeks of stay-at-home orders, drive-thru only, working from home, virtual school, and toilet paper shortages. I’ll probably stop writing my weekly posts, since things have slowed down.

Movie theaters and museums are still closed. Scott and I are still working from home. The boys did start soccer conditioning for the high school fall season.

We have not eaten in a restaurant since March. We finally found generic brand disinfectant wipes for the first time in three months. Random things will be “out” at the grocery store.

I’ve been venturing out more to Target, Wal-mart and some other shopping. Most people are not wearing masks. Every store has decals on the store showing where to stand. Most have health shields separating workers from customers. Most stores still offer online ordering with curbside pick-up.

One store I visited had limits on the number of customers who could be in the store. When I got there, there were only two other shoppers inside. By the time I left, it was “one in one out” and there was line outside the door. A greeter was standing at the entrance with a clip board monitoring when people could go in and out.

Amazon is slowing reverting back to its “two-day” delivering schedule. For the last three months, it was rare something shipped in two days. I know… #firstworldproblems.

The boys have applied for summer jobs. Adam got hired at Ziggy’s, a local pizza place. Zach got hired at McAlister’s Deli.

The focus now turns to planning for school in the fall. Will students be able to return to “school as usual?” Or will the pandemic see an uptick and safety becomes a concern?

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