#COVIDchaos – how to go to the doctor in June 2020

Since March, any non-essential doctor’s appointments were cancelled. For our family, that was one orthodontist appointment, two eye doctor appointments, a dermatologist appointment and Scott’s appointment to get his shoulder looked at. The past few weeks, we were able to reschedule orthodontist, dermatologist and optometrist appointments.

Each medical office asked the same three questions before we could confirm our appointments.

  • Have we been traveling?
  • Have we had a fever or cough?
  • Have we been in contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus?

At the orthodontist, only the patient is allowed in the building. Parents must wait in the car.

At the dermatologist, masks were required and waiting room had chairs six feet apart. All the workers were wearing masks.

At the optometrist, masks were required of everyone, chairs were six feet apart and some had red signs on them that said “has not been cleaned” with a black “X.” We got our temperature taken when we arrived.

To try on glasses, typically you would sign in on an iPad. Not anymore. You check in at reception. Only the workers in the optical area were allowed to touch the glasses.

Before COVID-19, the patient would try on a bunch of different pairs of glasses, and just put them back on the rack. Now, they must be sanitized between use.

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