Summer prom

Lots of things were cancelled during the pandemic, including prom, which is disappointing to some certain high school students. You may remember we had ordered Adam’s tux on March 14, before “stay-at-home orders” became part of our regular vocabulary. We never did pick it up – because, ya know, coronavirus. The store was not an essential business, so no tux. I couldn’t even get a hold of anyone to cancel the order.

Because they missed out on a fun high school tradition, Adam and his friends decided to “have prom” in June. First, they went downtown to take photos. They didn’t realize there was a social justice demonstration going on. The crowd was peaceful, but the eight juniors said they felt conspicuous and out of place in their evening wear, with everyone else in shorts, t-shirts and masks (because coronavirus).

After pictures, they all met up at our house for “dinner.” Scott had offered to grill fillets, ribeye, pork, chicken and shrimp. I made mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, fruit, and rolls.

Somehow we fit 10 kids at our kitchen table.

Zach was bowling with friends, and he happened to text that he was stopping by Braum’s on the way home. I realized I didn’t have any dessert, so he picked up two cartons of ice cream. Three minutes later and we have 1/2 a carton of ice cream left.

After our house, they headed to another friend’s house for the music, fun, games and just hanging out.

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