#COVIDchaos week 12

May 26 – May 31

This week, the Governor pulled back her original “phased in reopening plan” and decided to leave it up to each individual county to ease restrictions. Several counties, (including ours) lifted all restrictions and opened everything up without limitations on capacity. While the county has suggested recommendations, there is nothing enforceable. This means all bars, restaurants and retail establishments can open to full capacity. The Y has announced their indoor pools will open, and a few of the outdoor pools, with limited restrictions. Summer camps and sports are starting in June.

Our neighborhood announced our pool will open on Sunday.

Last week I mentioned going to Starbucks for the first time in two months, and only the drive thru being open.  You can now go in Starbucks to pick up your mobile order or get it to go, but the seating area is not available for customers. Here’s the sign when you enter the door, along with roped off areas and directional signage on the floor.

IMG_2582 copy

IMG_2583 copy

All retail operations now have plastic shields installed between the cashier and the customer. All of this has significantly changed the way businesses operate. I’ve never seen a virus cause so much disruption in every aspect of our lives.

We finished our Avengers movie-watching project – the last movie was Spider-Man: Far From Home.

I am a still working from home and will be until at least July.

Since we postponed our New York trip (we decided it was not a good idea to travel there this year since New York has been the coronavirus hot spot for months), and we weren’t able to go skiing either, we wanted to take some type of vacation. We rented a house in Colorado and made plans to go whitewater rafting, horseback riding and ATV riding. To be safe, all the activities are private – it’s just our family. We are taking Ali with us this time.

On Saturday, we met the Hilgers and Oma and Papa in Emporia. We ate lunch and the boys played disc golf. Fun fact: Emporia is the disc golf capital of the world.

We met at Hammond Park – you can see the playground is still closed (there’s yellow warning tape around it), but it will probably open up in a few days. We practiced our distancing… as you can see from our chair arrangement.

IMG_2664 copy

IMG_2590 copy

Ali made friends with Luna, Katie’s dog…so there is hope for Ali and friends!

IMG_0189 copy

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