Social distancing Sunday – Cowley State Lake Waterfall

Did you know the Cowley Lake Waterfall was voted one of Yahoo Travel’s “Most Stunning Waterfalls in America”? It’s true.

IMG_2489 copy

It was pretty cool, but a bit of a hike down. It had rained a lot last week, so the trail was muddy. The rocks (boulders, really) made it pretty slick too.

IMG_2492 copy

Ali was too muddy to be in the picture. But here’s proof that she was there.

IMG_2495 copy

At the bottom, there were trails… sort of. We followed them along the creek.

IMG_2499 copy

IMG_2502 copy

But… this week’s social distancing event was a #fail. So crowded.

After all the hiking around and getting into the water, Ali was beat. On the way home… so tired.

IMG_2504 2 copy

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