10 years later, we finally played a full game of Monopoly City

IMG_2266 copy

Adam received Monopoly City as a Christmas present in 2009. I think we played it once, because this version of the popular board game is “Monopoly on steroids.”

You still buy properties (or districts now) and can build on them, but the rules are both relaxed and more complicated. You can start building before you own all the same color properties in a district. You can choose to build residential or industrial, and have the option of adding a stadium or skycraper if you meet the requirements. “Hazards” like sewage plants and prisons can cause your property value to go down, and “bonus” buildings like schools, wind farms, and parks can keep your property safe.

Adam has talked about this game since he got it…10 years ago:

Monopoly city 2009
He is now 17. We finally agreed to play it during our “stay-at-home” orders…because let’s face it, we have four hours to kill. 🤣

Scott ended up winning the game, after a couple of good trades with Adam, who at first looked like the savvy real estate tycoon.

Zach was the first to have to mortgage a property, and due to sheer luck, managed to make it to the very end of the game while being cash-low and owning few properties.

I was the first to buy a skyscraper (on the cheapest property 😆), but also the first to go bankrupt.

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