#COVIDchaos week 6

I forgot to check the stats on Monday, so here’s stats from Wednesday:

On Wednesday, April 15, there were 2.05 million cases worldwide, 651,507 in the U.S., 1,494 in Kansas, and 209 in Sedgwick County.

Monday, April 13 (Day 20)

I stole this from Facebook. Spot on!

Important things graphic

Adam started making an end table for the basement.

Tuesday, April 14 (Day 21)

We watched Thor, the Dark World. Another movie to cross off the Marvel movie list.

Wednesday, April 15 (Day 22)

Stimulus payments arrived in American’s bank accounts today, which meant many financial institutions had a hard time keeping up with the online demand. A single person was eligible for up to $1200 if they made $99,000 or less. A married couple who filed taxes jointly was eligible for up to $2400 if they made less than $198,000. This was based on 2019 or 2018 taxes.

Kansas Governor Kelly announced the statewide stay-at-home order will extend to May 3.

We watched the finale of the Lego Masters. We’re going to miss this show.

We celebrated Ali’s 8th (or 56th) birthday!

IMG_2271 copy

Thursday, April 16 (Day 23)

In 26 states, schools will not reopen for the remainder of the academic year. Kansas announced school building closures on March 17.

Our Wi-Fi was “out” for five hours today. That’s unfortunate since all of us need it to do work and school. It went out about 10 a.m., and when we checked the status, our internet provider indicated it could be 3 p.m. before it was back up.

My parents use a different provider, so Zach and I headed down there. He had a video call for one of his classes, and I needed to do work. Adam did not have any calls, and Scott doesn’t necessarily need Wi-Fi for his work.

It’s that time of year for thunderstorms… I watched the first one of the year roll in.

IMG_2273 copy

Zach fixed cheese hamburgers for dinner. Yum!

Friday, April 17 (Day 24)

Adam did comment that the Wi-Fi outage messed up his “schedule” – as much of a schedule as you can have during a stay-at-home order.

Adam fixed flatbread pizza for dinner. Good stuff.

We watched the next Marvel movie – Guardians of the Galaxy.

Saturday, April 18 (Day 25)

We all headed to Oak Park again, but this time the boys played disc golf, while Ali and I tagged along.  It was a tight game (between the brothers) – there had to be a “throw off” between Zach and Adam to determine the winner… it was Zach.

IMG_2277 copy

IMG_2275 copy

Tonight would have been the high school prom. We had already ordered Adam’s tux. When I went to the store’s website a few weeks ago, it basically said, “if you need a tux before May 15, you are out of luck.” We had only put down a $20 deposit, so not a big deal.

Sunday, April 19 (Day 26)

Another lazy day – but super nice with highs in the 70s with low wind. The boys played another round of disc golf – this time at the course on the high school campus.

On Sunday, April 19, there were 2.35 million cases worldwide, 742,000+ in the U.S., 1,790 in Kansas, and 232 in Sedgwick County.

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