#COVIDchaos week 4

On March 30, there were 160,700+ cases in the U.S., 370 in Kansas and 49 in Sedgwick County.

Monday, March 30 (Day 6 of our county’s “stay-at-home” order)

High school is back in session! The boys had several video calls with their teachers and classmates, and have schoolwork to do now! We quickly found out that our Wi-Fi was not up to snuff for four people to be using at the same time. We enhanced our Wi-Fi, which required we buy a new router.

Since there’s no end in sight for this “work from home” thing, me and the boys picked up my double monitors, keyboard and mouse from the office, and I set up in the spare bedroom downstairs. No one can complain that I “work too loud” now.

I’ve upgraded my workspace…

IMG_2183 copy

Governor Kelley has ordered a statewide stay-at-home order. We were already under our county stay-at-home order.

Tuesday, March 31 (Day 7)

Several more states have issued stay-at-home orders.

We ordered takeout from one of our local owned restaurants – Wichita Brewing Company.

We watched the movie Contagion, which is eerily similar to what is happening now.

Wednesday, April 1 (Day 8)

Normally, social would be filled with April Fool’s Day pranks and jokes. Not so much this year.

Adam fixed biscuits and gravy for dinner.

Approximately 90% of the U.S. population is now under a stay-at-home/shelter-in-place order.

We watched the Incredible Hulk, crossing off another Marvel movie from our “watch-in-order” Marvel movie project.

Thursday, April 2 (Day 9)

Zach fixed cheeseburger sliders for dinner. We connected our new router.

We realized Ali has not been in the house by herself for three weeks and we think she is annoyed that we are always around. She’s been deprived of her long afternoon naps, and doesn’t seem as excited to see us anymore…probably because she sees us all. the. time. Finally, no one is bothering her…so she did sneak a nap in.

IMG_2160 copy

The boys played poker tonight.

Friday, April 3 (Day 10)

Scott brought a chair home from his office today, so I’d actually have a “real” office chair instead of a makeshift chair that I had to prop up with pillows.

The CDC is now suggesting everyone wear cloth masks out in public. Wal-mart and Target have limited the number of people who can be in the store at one time. Gas stations and convenience  stores no longer allow fountain drinks.

My sister is sewing fabric masks and asked if we wanted some made.

Saturday, April 4 (Day 11)

Papa called me and Aunt Sherry via Zoom, and we all talked and had a little fun changing out backgrounds. Papa was in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower in the background, and I was in the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

In the U.S., 42 states have issued “stay-at-home” orders in some capacity or another. The only states holding out are Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, South Carolina, Wyoming and Utah.

Zach got a “meat preparation 101” lesson today.

IMG_2164 copy

We are grilling out again (I think this is grill out #5?).

Sunday, April 5 (Day 12)

It’s El Dorado State Park for this Social Distancing Sunday.

On April 5, there were 311,000+ cases in the U.S., 552 in Kansas 108 in Sedgwick County.

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