Social distancing Sunday – El Dorado State Park

IMG_2186 copy

This week, we headed to El Dorado State Park. We decided on the Walnut River Trail, which has many different routes for hiking, biking and horse back riding.

The trail entrance was by one of the campgrounds, and there were quite a few people camping. The playground was roped off (it’s not a good idea to play on equipment right now because of the spread of the coronavirus).

IMG_2204 copy

It was probably around 55 or 60 degrees, but yes, I’m wearing my heavy coat. I get cold!

IMG_2192 copy

Lots of interesting trees…

IMG_2199 copy

On the other side of this dam is El Dorado State Lake. You can’t tell from this picture, but the incline is pretty steep…the boys ran up it. I did not.

IMG_2207 copy

Rocky hike down to the water on the other side.

IMG_2214 copy

We did see a deer leg (or part of a deer leg…). I didn’t take a picture this time , like I did when we say part of an animal at Sand Hills State Park two weeks ago.

IMG_2215 copy

Almost reminded of us of looking over the rim at the Grand Canyon… almost.IMG_2216 copy

After, we went through the drive thru at Braum’s, it’s become “the thing” to do after our day trips!

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