Pet peeve #27: “Happy holidays from [insert company name]”

Happy Holidays

*Bah humbug alert*

There’s a standard holiday greeting procedure that needs to stop: The generic business holiday e-card greeting.

I’m not talking about retail holiday emails with coupons, “e-cash,” discounts, etc., I’m talking about a holiday greeting via e-mail. ,

And the worst culprits seem to be organizations that provide professional services. Or it could be because that’s the kind of generic holiday email *I* get the most.

First, holiday greetings are a marketing tactic. Why else are you sending one? Aren’t you trying to “get in front of” your target audience with a heartwarming message. Or “one last time” before the new year? So why are you sending a marketing email with no valuable information that clutters up your customer’s inbox? Any other time of the year, would you send a marketing email without a call to action? Probably not.

The average person receives 120 emails per day. That’s just email – think about messages via IM, Slack, Teams and social platforms.

What value does that holiday greeting add? I would guess none – which is a wasted opportunity.

The holiday greeting is a perfect time to show your company value. Here’s how:

  • Include a link to your most viewed blog post or most viewed resource on your website.
  • Encourage a view of your latest how-to video.
  • Include a brief “3 ways to use [insert your product/service here] next year.”
  • A discount on a service you offer.
  • A downloadable white paper.
  • Make it human with an infographic of your employee’s “favorites” (holiday movies, traditions, food, etc). This would at least provide a glimpse into your organization’s culture.

Something to get your audience engaged with your brand.

The ho-hum, overused holiday e-card ranks up there with my other holiday pet peeves like outdoor inflatables and pet pajamas. Don’t be a cotton-headed ninny muggins next year…send a useful holiday greeting!

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