Pet peeve #27: “Happy holidays from [insert company name]”

Happy Holidays

*Bah humbug alert*

There’s a standard holiday greeting procedure that needs to stop: The generic business holiday e-card greeting.

I’m specifically talking about a holiday greeting via e-mail, because let’s face it, there’s not a lot of organizations who still send an actual card. I’m not talking about retail holiday emails either, with coupons, “e-cash,” discounts, etc.

I’m mainly talking organization’s that provide professional services, because that’s the kind of generic holiday email *I* get the most.

First, holiday greetings are a marketing tactic. Why else are you sending one? Aren’t you trying to “get in front of” your target audience one last time before the end of the year? So why are you sending a marketing email with no value that adds to your customer’s already overflowing inbox? Any other time of the year, would you send a marketing email without a call to action? Probably not.

The average person receives 120 emails per day. That’s just email – think about messages via IM, Slack, Teams and social platforms.

What value does that holiday greeting add? I would guess none – which is a wasted opportunity.

The holiday greeting is a perfect time to show your company value!

  • Include a link to your most viewed blog post or most viewed resource on your website.
  • Encourage a view of your latest how-to video.
  • Include a brief “3 ways to use [insert your product/service here] next year.”
  • A discount on a service you offer.
  • A downloadable white paper.
  • Make it human with an infographic of your employee’s “favorites” (holiday movies, traditions, food, etc). This would at least provide a glimpse into your organization’s culture.

Something to get your audience engaged with your brand.

The ho-hum, overused holiday e-card ranks up there with my other holiday pet peeves like outdoor inflatables and pet pajamas. Don’t be a cotton-headed ninny muggins next year…send a useful holiday greeting!

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