Adam’s engineering presentation

construction timeline

For Adam’s Engineering & Design class, they split into groups and work on a semester-long project. Each group chooses  a “real” engineering problem, create a solution and present it to a group of judges. Adam and his partner chose something soccer related. Above is one of the slides from their presentation.

It’s a watch-like device that referees could wear during games to signal when to start and stop the clock. Referees currently use hand signals, but since the refs are down on the field and many times the person running the clock is in the press box and may or may not be paying attention.

IMG_1342 copy

They had to define the problem with research-backed stats, design the product, test it and then present it to a panel of judges. The judges were engineering professionals from the community.

Here’s a couple of slides from the presentation.

graphic explanation

benchmark testing

Adam and his partner did a great job presenting!

IMG_1463 copy

Taking questions…

IMG_1466 copy

Adam, his partner and the Engineering & Design teacher.

IMG_1474 copy

Aww – and mom! Scott was out of town and couldn’t make the presentation. Oma and Papa came.

IMG_1480 copy

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