No surprise marketing leaders are burning out faster

flame 2

Earlier this year, I declared that marketing is exhausting. Now it’s a proven fact! Well, not exactly, but AdWeek reports marketing officers tenures are getting shorter and shorter due to many factors, including high expectations.

“Another reason for the trend could be related to what Welch called “inflated expectations” for CMOs as brands seek unicorn candidates with a deep understanding of both the creative and analytical elements of the position.”

Marketing leaders are burdened with unrealistic expectations and diminishing resources. Plus marketing pros must be both creative and analytical at the same time which requires different types of thinking. Most people are better at one than the other. We don’t expect lawyers to be doctors too, or an actor to be able to make the sets too. Why should we expect marketing and communication pros to have thing creatively and analytically?

Since January, my team of three has completed 698 projects (as indicated by our super fun project list we created in Airtable). And some of the projects aren’t even on the list.

It’s no wonder we are tired or unmotivated. We have more to do in less time with diminishing resources. And there’s no end in sight.

I’m not expecting an answer, or even for things to change. Don’t get me wrong – I think marketing and communications is an exciting field to be in, and I like being in this industry. Just venting a little…thanks for reading!

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