Groupon: social media superstar

banana bunker
This is social media done right. Groupon listed a “banana bunker” product on their website. It is a protective case for a banana. I’m not endorsing the product, because come on…really? Just by looking at it you can imagine the jokes that started…and Groupon replied to every one of them. They could have done nothing, or respond to a few. I don’t know how much time they spent responding to people, but their funny, casual and informative responses showed they were listening. That gets a gold star in the social media playbook.

I was at a conference this week where the speaker said Humans buy from Humans. This is an example of Humans responding to Humans. What’s more is Groupon is now sold out of this product.

To see how Groupon responded see this Adweek article or this Consumerist article. You’ll be glad you did.

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