#TheDress goes black and blue for the Salvation Army

Two weeks ago, a simple picture of a dress became an internet meme.

#TheDress. Blue and Black or White and Gold#TheDress went viral on all social networks…is the dress white and gold or blue and black? Click here to read about #TheDress phenomenon.

About a week later, the Salvation Army came out with this ad:
#TheDressThis is a prime example of news-jacking, sort of. News-jacking is when you take a national story and become “the second paragraph. What the Salvation Army did was leverage an internet meme to raise awareness of domestic violence. Pretty smart move.

They had to move fast too… three days in the internet world is like three years in real life. What’s impressive is that someone had to have seen #TheDress sensation, thought that it would make a great promotion, tell their team about it, find the dress, find a model, coordinate a photo shoot and get it “out there” in just a few days.

That’s how it’s done in 2015.

Whether this will increase their donations or not, I don’t know. But it did get people talking.

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