Magic Mirrors: Lookin’ Hot…or Not.

A long time ago, on my other blog, I wrote about magic skinny mirrors.

I just found out that skinny mirrors actually exist. This website claims that mirrors might be costing retailers. If your customers don’t like the way they look in your mirrors, you could be losing thousands of dollars in sales!

So if a mirror exists to make you look fabulous, do mirrors exist to make you look hideous? Yes, they most certainly do.

I was in a sports retailer trying on workout clothes. I look in the mirror. Man oh man…based on THIS reflection, I need to be on the treadmill every day for the next 90 days. I looked like a lumpy, bumpy, pale “mug shot looking” woman.

I didn’t look like this earlier. In fact, I’ve been working out more regularly, so WTH?

The mirror. It adds at least 10 pounds, just like a camera. You see a pudgy version of yourself so you will buy the workout clothes because obviously you need to be hitting the 5 am boot camp class. And you can’t hit the morning gym rat crowd in your old misshapen and mismatched threads. Which is why you are dropping a pretty penny so you can drop a few pounds. It’s the mirror.

Magic mirrors are great, as long as the reflection is what *I* want it to be.


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