Industry Jargon

This article made me laugh: Marketing jargon translated for normal people (iMedia). Every industry has its own set of jargon. And the only people who really understand what they mean are the people who work in that industry. Here’s just a sample of what is in the article:

Marketing jargon

So why do we use this jargon in our marketing? I’m an advocate for using simple words. This ensures your audience will understand exactly what you are trying to tell them. You’ll keep their attention longer. And you might even convince them to buy your product, attend your event, or use your service.

Here’s an interesting website: Plain English Campaign. You can search for an alternative to words (think replacing a “corporate speak” word with “plain English.” There’s also a GoobledyGook Generator, just in case you can’t think of your own mumbo jumbo.

And we haven’t even touched all those acronyms!

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