Experiences, service matter when sharing on social sites

InSites Consulting recently released their report Social Media Around the World 2012. They asked survey respondents what they shared on social networking sites regarding brands and companies.

Two of the top three results are important:

  • Experiences you had with a brand: 49% (Read this as 49% of people using social networks posted about the experiences they had with a brand).
  • Services you received from a company: 41% (Read this as 41% of people using social networks posted about the services they received from a brand).

Another interesting tidbit is that when sharing information about products and brands online, the vast majority of the content is shared in a positive way.

Why is this important to credit unions (or any business or organization)?

Half of people using social media are talking about the experience they had with a certain company. Credit unions are founded on the philosophy of “people helping people” and our motto is “not for profit, not for charity, but for service.” If people are talking about their experiences and service they received from a company or organization in a positive way, this is where credit unions can shine.

Give your members a reason to talk about the excellent service they received from you. Go above and beyond to make each member special. Enable your member service representatives or your front line staff to make someone’s day.

The survey also found that consumers reach out to brands…eight out of ten consumers want to help in co-creation of company projects. But it’s no surprise that most brands are not open to these kinds of relationships.

Why not?

Don’t you want your member’s, or a consumer’s input? Don’t credit unions exist solely to serve their members? Why not ask them how to improve? Start by crowdsourcing something fun…ask them what prizes they want to see available at your annual meeting or even have them vote on your next meeting theme.

Members want to feel as though they have a say in what goes on at your credit union. This is your chance to find what exactly what they are thinking.

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In their Social Media Around The World 2012 report, InSites Consulting polled 7,827 consumers across 19 countries.

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