4 ideas to jump start y content marketing

Content marketing is big. It’s one of the latest and greatest ways to keep your organization top of mind, in a “skip-this-ad, fast-forward” world. And it’s never been easier to do with the current technology available including websites, blogs and social media.

In a recent article, the Content Marketing Institute listed 42 content marketing ideas for 2013. Here are four of my favorites…and I’ve added my own ideas on how how smaller organizations (like credit unions) can leverage these ideas.

Consider that less content may mean more impact.
Similar to the less is more mindset, you don’t have to push out content on every single topic related to your business. Focus on four topics a year, and really make an impact to your members and consumers. Consider shortening your articles too. People are busy and have to manage multiple distractions every day. A short, crisp read is better than a long in-depth story.

Develop a list of top 100 questions coming from your customer base.
This can seem a bit daunting, especially for smaller organizations. If you are a credit union, how about just the top five financial hurdles your members are trying to get over? Or the top three biggest concerns for them in 2013? Use Facebook, email marketing newsletter and your website to crowd source and gather ideas.

Target one traditional marketing initiative that can be enhanced with content marketing.
Make sure your content marketing strategy aligns with your traditional advertising. Are you promoting a great auto loan rate? Why not write about consumer tips for buying a car? Incorporate one of the tips into your traditional paid advertising, and include a “for more tips, visit ourwebsite.com.” Point them to your article on your website. Push it out on your social networks too.

Take research findings and use them to build a six month campaign with at least 20 independent content pieces.
That’s a bit much for a credit union with a staff of five. How about just twice a year? The Consumer Trust index just came out, revealing that customers are more satisfied with the banking services provided by credit unions than those by the big banks. Can you add to the story with statistics and information about your credit union? Have you increased your membership? Has one of your employees gone above and beyond to help a member? You can use national news to your advantage by focusing on the local aspect for your media contacts.

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