The Power of We :: Blog Action Day 2012

We. You and me. Us. All of us.

There’s Power in We.

“We” can be as simple as two people…you and I. “We” can be as big as a group of ten, 50 or hundreds of people.

The Power of We is a couple raising a child to be happy and healthy, a mother and daughter collecting books for a school, two friends delivering a Thanksgiving dinner to a family who might go hungry this year.

The Power of We is a family donating groceries and clothing to a food pantry…helping another family just like theirs, who may be struggling.

The Power of We is a group of employees, some friends, a neighborhood, working as one to clean up a park, build a house, or serve food at a soup kitchen.

The Power of We is a non-profit organization providing shelter for the less fortunate, assistance to the elderly, or a way out of a tough life for an at-risk youth.

The Power of We is a community working together to clean up after a tornado, running a 5K to raise money for research, or rallying behind each other to make their city…their town…a better place to live.

There’s power in each of us. But together we’re stronger, louder…more powerful. There’s Power in We…there’s Power in Us.

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