A Year in Photos

My favorite photos from 2009. These photos are not favorites because they are the best, but because they captured our everyday life. Some were taken with my point and shoot, some with my super-duper cool Nikon and some were even taken with my BlackBerry.  These pictures have not been "fixed," except maybe cropping. You can … Continue reading A Year in Photos

A Day in the Life

Pictures have always been a part of our family. It was not unusual to have lighting equipment handy, and "just one more" were (and still are) famous last words. I thought every family took as many pictures as we did, but as I got older, I found out we were the exception. My friends' families … Continue reading A Day in the Life

Digital photos…from 1970s and 80s

I recently received my life on DVD. No, not a made-for-TV movie, although I think Ashley Judd would portray me quite well. I sent my photos from the 1970s, 80s and early 90s to scanmyphotos.com. Lots of people worried that these precious moments caught on camera would get lost in the mail, or somehow get … Continue reading Digital photos…from 1970s and 80s