Wichita’s New Advanced Learning Center

Wichita has a super cool new library. While it's a much needed replacement for the "old" library, the old library has been a staple in Wichita since the 1960s. As a kid, the "old" library was huge, but with teeny tiny elevators. The staircase looked over the the floors, so you could see rows and rows … Continue reading Wichita’s New Advanced Learning Center

Ski trip 2018

Our ninth year year of skiing was pretty uneventful. First stop...Beau Jo's. The weather was super nice...we walked around Idaho Springs. The first day on the slopes. So bright! Waiting... Goldfish taste test! Me and the boys! Scott and the boys - way over there. On the lift... Obligatory family photo... Not much conversation when … Continue reading Ski trip 2018