July 6 // Rosemary Beach 2018

Headed to Rosemary Beach! First stop - Ali's week-long stay at the pet resort. Dog selfie. Wait - someone is reading an actual paper map? Tulsa, OK. The Golden Driller. Lunch at Whataburger. Next stop...Pine Bluff, AR. Our hotel was attached to a mall. A mall that you might see in a scary movie. The … Continue reading July 6 // Rosemary Beach 2018

Wichita’s New Advanced Learning Center

Wichita has a super cool new library. While it's a much needed replacement for the "old" library, the old library has been a staple in Wichita since the 1960s. As a kid, the "old" library was huge, but with teeny tiny elevators. The staircase looked over the the floors, so you could see rows and rows … Continue reading Wichita’s New Advanced Learning Center