Midwest Collegiate Disc Golf Tournament

TLDR: It was super cold. Our Airbnb was about the size of a tiny home. But we qualified for the national collegiate disc golf championship in North Carolina!

After Spring Break, we spent two days at home (where it snowed), and then headed to Winfield and Arkansas City for the Midwest Collegiate Tournament. We rented an Airbnb in Winfield since we had Ali with us.

Our Airbnb was a tad bigger than a tiny home. πŸ˜† It was a studio home with one bathroom, a table for two, one couch, a TV, and a bed. The kitchen had very few dishes, a small refrigerator (I don’t think a full size would have fit in the space), and no dishwasher. When the heat was on, there was a loud popping noise. It scared Ali so she spent some of the time in the bathroom, away from the heater. We finally turned the heater off for the night, and woke up to it being 54 degrees inside!

It was a cold weekend. One would think in mid-March, we could ditch the hand warmers and stocking hats. No such luck. Saturday was 40 degrees but super windy. At one point, I had to go sit in the car and warm up. At tee off on Sunday, the temp was 19 degrees. The good news is, the wind had died down to under 10 mph… “no wind” in Kansas terms.

Two rounds were played at The Farm in Winfield, a course we’ve played before. One round was played at Knebler Pond in Arkansas City.

There were two singles rounds, and one doubles round. This tournament was a qualifying tournament for the DII team for the collegiate nationals. The DI team took first place, and the DII and women’s teams came in second! The DII team did have to do a one hole playoff to win the second place status.

All three of the ESU teams are headed to nationals in North Carolina in April πŸ₯ 🐝 #StingersUp

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