Spring Break 2023

For the first time in 13 years (except for 2020), we did not go skiing. As the boys are getting older, they’ve made other plans or have other things to do. One kid stayed in Tulsa and then spent some time with his high school buddies.

The rest of us (including Ali) spent a few days in #discgolf land.

We drove to Waco, TX for the Waco Annual Charity Open. On the way down, we stopped and played a quick nine holes on the Randall University campus.

We stayed in a cute little Airbnb – it was in an up-and-coming part of town and had been recently remodeled.

It was my first time at a pro disc golf event. There were quite a few spectators there, food trucks and other tents set up with merch and swag. There are strict spectator rules to follow. Volunteers hold up “Quiet” signs when the pros are teeing off, and spectators are to stay off the fairways, keeping it clear for the pros.

Before we left Waco we stopped by Magnolia. the retail and eating space envisioned by celebrity fixer-uppers Chip and Joanna Gaines. Most of the shops weren’t open yet, but the coffee and breakfast eatery was. The coffee was good (even Scott got a chai tea!) and the food was yummy. We were able to walk around the outside area. It was a cool space!

Next stop – Lester Lorch disc golf course. Ali and I walked the course, while the others played.

Then on to the next Airbnb. This one was a bigger house, with a vintage chic vibe. The boys went out to play another course while Ali and I stayed back. Ali needed to rest.

The next morning, the boys headed out early to play, and Ali and I joined in the afternoon at Harry Myers park, a highly rated course in Texas.

On the way home we stopped at Buc-ee’s, a famous gas station in Texas.

It’s holds the world record for largest convenience store, longest car wash and has won awards for the cleanest bathrooms. We all agreed with the bathroom award! Buc-ees has everything from swimsuits and patio furniture to beef jerky and gourmet fudge.

Finishing up the trip, we stopped at another nine hole course.

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