COVID finally got us

Two and half years after the first COVID case, it finally hit our home. I got it first, followed by Sc the next day. We are two weeks out from both boys heading to college, and I was panicked that one of them would get it too.

We both have been vaccinated, which doesn’t mean you won’t get it. It means you should experience milder symptoms.

We both had sore throats, stuffy noses and coughing. We didn’t lose our taste or smell and had no fever. I felt rundown for about seven days.

My symptoms were the worst over the weekend. Since I work from home, I still continued to work.

I did experience a #firstworldproblem …

I broke the carafe on my coffee maker which meant I was unable to enjoy my daily morning coffee. #Crisis

That’s ok, I’ll just order a replacement carafe.

No such luck. Replacement carafe’s were “out of stock” with no indication of when they would be in stock.

So I had to order a whole other coffee maker!

In the meantime, my dad delivered coffee to my porch every day until my coffee maker came. #BestDadEver

During the next week, I wore a mask in the house and made the boys stay away from us. No one was allowed in our room. The day we tested positive, I found this on the kitchen counter. πŸ˜†

It took a couple of weeks before I felt “normal” again. I’m glad we didn’t experience any worse symptoms.

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