School things to do before the holidays

Volunteer hours

As the semester is winding down before the holidays, there are a few things Kid #2 must do before it ends.

Part of the requirement to be in National Honor Society is to complete 10 hours of volunteer service before the semester is over. Zach had about 8 hours to go… 😐

So… we wrote thank you cards to health care workers. He shopped for items for the homeless. He helped Oma and Papa complete some household projects. And we boxed food to give out for Operation Holiday.

Culinary essentials final

He has learned that kids his age might lack basic knowledge of “how to cook.” Since he has been cooking things like mac-n-cheese, ramen and frozen pizza, he is well versed in oven and stovetop usage. Others are not, and therefore do not know how to preheat the oven or drain pasta. He also seems to be the expert in the most efficient way to wash dishes, as he has years of experience in this task.

His final in this class was to make a dish, and document all the steps. He choose chocolate chip cookies. A win for everyone.

Then, they had to create a presentation and explain the process in class. He got an A. πŸ˜€

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