State soccer finals

This season was another great one, and this year the boys were able to have team dinners again. We didn’t have team dinners in 2020 because of #COVIDchaos. During one of the team dinners, the moms decorated all the team’s cars in honor of the team making it to the state finals.

The team wore their cool state shirts to school on Friday.

The state finals were in Wichita this year, so we didn’t have to travel to the games. They did ride the bus across town to the stadium, and we all saw them off.

They introduce all the players at the semi and state finals game.

We won our semi-final game against St. Thomas Aquinas (from Overland Park) by one point. In the past, we’ve gone into quadruple overtime and penalty kicks at our semi-final games.

The final game could have gone either way – we played Blue Valley West (from Overland Park) in the finals. We lost by one point. 😞 .

Zach getting his medal. You can also see my dad at the bottom of the picture recording πŸ˜†

After the game. It was a bit emotional as this was the last soccer game for Zach, which means the last soccer game any of our children will play!

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