Tournament weekend

I’ve spent the last 14 years watching soccer. Now my family has found a new sport.

Disc golf.

We (and by “we” I mean the males in the house) really got into disc golf during #COVIDchaos because it was about the only thing we could do. The boys would play during the week, and then we’d all go out (with Ali). The boys would play and Ali and I would walk the course.

Zach told me he’s played 3,680 holes, and 224 rounds at 44 course since he started keeping track in the Udisc app, which was May 22, 2020.

Last weekend’s tournament was the Air Capital Disc Golf Club Doo-Dah Open. Four rounds over two days at Herman Hill and Oak Park. This was Zach’s group for round 1 on Saturday.

This isn’t the first tournament the boys have played in. It’s the first one we’ve gone to watch.

Zach played in the Intermediate division. This is at Oak Park.

Adam played in the Advanced division. This was at hole 9 at Herman Hill.

Scott and I went out to watch on Saturday, and Scott spent most of Sunday watching too.

Zach came in 13th in his division (out of 39) and Adam came in 12th (out of 40).

The boys play in the adult divisions, although there is an 18 and under division they both could have played in. They each won a cash prize, which then they used on merchandise like discs and food.

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