2021 Graduation

It’s for real. Adam is a high school graduate! And what a strange senior year with the pandemic still in full swing, temperature checks at the door, mask mandates, not to mention moving from hybrid school to all-virtual, back to hybrid and finally full in-person.

He finished strong with being recognized as summa cum laude, national honor society and ACT honors.

Here’s a photo from May 2 from the joint graduation party with a few friends. We had this early at Emerson Biggins because it was the only day all four boys and their families were available.

Lisa stayed with us for a few weeks, and Pam, Ted and Petey came later.

We had a party for family and neighbors too, in the garage. The boys brought out the disc golf basket and practiced in the yard. I forgot to take pictures – here are the only ones I got.

We had cupcakes, cookies, veggie cups, grapes, and two of Adam’s favorite snacks, cheez its and KitKat bars. I wasn’t sure what the protocol was for COVID (since the guidelines are even more vague now that a year ago) so the veggie cups were individual cups and I bought snack size KitKat and individual bags of cheez its.

He’s headed to the University of Tulsa in the fall to study electrical engineering.

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