11th annual family ski trip, take 2 (the actual skiing)

March 16

We survived #snowmageddon2021 and finally made it to Avon. This would have been our 12th annual ski trip, but we weren’t able to go last year because of COVID.

This year, we stayed in a little condo, a five minute shuttle ride from the slopes. Well, actually it’s a five minute ride to the gondola, and then five minutes on the gondola to the bottom of the Lower Beaver Creek lift. It’s not where we usually ski, so we had to ride up a couple more lifts and then ski over to the main Beaver Creek area.

The boys skied mostly by themselves on the first day and Scott and I skied together.

Here’s a picture from 1995, the first year Scott and I skied together. And yes, it’s a selfie, before that was “a thing.” Except we had to wait until the film developed to see the photograph.

The boys did meet us for lunch. We “stash” a backpack under a picnic table near the top of one of the runs and then ski down with it. That way, we don’t have to pay for a locker or ski with it all day.

The slopes were operating at 50% capacity, and social distancing was a requirement on the ski lifts. This meant the ski runs weren’t crowded, but sometimes the lift lines were.

March 17

Scott and the boys skied Vail, which was a first for them (for the boys, Scott has skied it before, but a long time ago).

I spent the day with my friend, Shawna, who we usually stay with but didn’t this year because … ya know … #COVIDchaos.

We have been doing a spa day for the past couple of years. Lots of fancy places to get pampered in the mountains! This time we even got free champaign #score

I picked the boys up in Vail, they showered, and then we headed to Shawna’s for dinner. We missed staying with her and her family this year. πŸ˜•

March 18

Our last day was Thursday, and it turned out to be the most beautiful. Temperatures in the mid 40s and sunny skies all day. The thermostat at the bottom of Larkspur lift said 55 degrees!

In the afternoon, Zach and I skied together and Adam and Scott skied together. Then we all met up again later. This selfie of me and Zach was taken at the top of the Larkspur run.

At one point, Zach asked if we wanted to take a blue through the trees. I was hesitant… I don’t like bumps and turns through trees – I can get through them – it’s just not pretty or fun.

“Come on mom, I mean, it’s an easy blue.”


Those were alternative facts. At least I stayed upright!

This one was taken at the top of Red Tail, a favorite run.

There were signs everywhere indicating a face covering was required on the mountain, except if you were actively eating or drinking.

The tables were spaced far apart, water fountains were disabled and the restaurants were serving pre-packaged food only. There were also no photographers at the top of the mountain or 3 p.m. cookies. Not sure if that is health related, or simply a budget cut.

At our condo, the boys earned their keep by washing dishes. We had a dishwasher, but not dishwasher soap.

We also thought we could do a 2,000 piece puzzle together. Nope. That goal lasted about 30 minutes.

March 19

On the way home Friday, we stopped in Hays for a 9-hole round of disc golf, since we didn’t get to do that on Sunday! We had played this one before, on our way back from last summer’s trip to Colorado.

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