#COVIDchaos – Camry and the Cowskin disc golf course

We were on our way to the Colwich disc golf course. Until the Camry decided to overheat.

Luckily, we had already decided to drive two cars, in case Scott had to leave early for a last minute work thing.

The Camry is 22 years old, so overheating is not that big of a surprise. The boys and Lisa were in the Camry, and Scott and I were following. We were nearly to the course when they turned off. Yep. Gauge pointing to “H” in the car.

We called a tow truck and left the car there. It cost about $100 for the tow + about $500 for a new radiator hose. I think a hose burst which is why it overheated? I don’t know for sure – I wasn’t really listening. πŸ˜†

It has finally cooled down a bit, which is why me, Ali and Lisa tagged along on this disc golf trip. Cowskin course is in Colwich, KS, and has a ton of trees. According to the three disc golf players, this course is good to play when it’s windy. Which it was.

There was NOBODY out there so we let Ali off her leash. She was fine until she started eating a dead animal and then rolling in something. That kind of behavior earned her back on the leash. Poor Ali. πŸ™„

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