#COVIDchaos – how to go to a school sporting event in 2020

Remember in 2019 how easy it was to attend a school sporting event? You might buy a school pass or pay at the gate. You picked up a roster and went and sat in the stands. You might go to the concession stand, and after the game, you could go onto the field and congratulate your kid for a job well done.

In 2020, we were not even sure school sports were going to be allowed, and if they are, will spectators be able to watch from the stands?

Here’s how it works in 2020 – during a pandemic. This is based on our area’s requirements.

  • No season passes.
  • Stadium is limited to 25% capacity to ensure distancing.
  • Away teams must sit in the opposite bleachers (before, you could sit anywhere).
  • Tickets purchased online only (although for the first several soccer games, the ticket site had not been set up yet, so we paid at the door).
  • For our boys’ games, each player is allowed four tickets. But other schools have different rules. Another local school only allows two tickets per player.
  • Spectators must wear masks in the common areas of the stadium. Masks can be removed when seated if spectators can social distance from others.
  • Starting lineups are announced, but the boys do not line up on the field to be recognized. The teams do not shake hands, fist bump or high five after the games.
  • No spectators allowed on the field after the game, and there’s multiple announcements over the loudspeaker to “please leave immediately and avoid congregating in the common areas.”
  • Bring your own water. Previously, water was supplied by the school.
  • No sharing equipment.
  • Players on the bench wear masks. When players come off the field, they use hand sanitizer.
  • Coaches were masks at all times.

The above are for outdoor sporting events. I wonder how the schools will handle indoor sports? I just wish we could go back to “before COVID.”

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