Senior night 2020

Welp. There’s a high school senior in the house. Years ago, it seemed like a long way off, but like the saying goes, “the days are long but the years are short.”

My dad took the picture above during the game. That’s my senior, standing on the sidelines by the coach. With the sunset, it’s a pretty cool image, don’t you think?

Because of #COVIDchaos, our school’s sport’s “senior nights” were moved from the last game of the season, to the first, in case the season is suspended mid year. So we kicked off (see what I did there?) the season recognizing our team’s seniors. I think there was 15 of them.

The night before the game, the junior players divided into groups and went and decorated the senior player’s front doors and cars.

Which means, our junior got to decorate his front door and his own car (he shares with his brother)! 🤣

The senior had to work that night, but ended up getting home right when the decorating was happening. Caught in the act! LOL!

At the game, each senior was announced and walked on the field with their parents.

The moms of juniors (which is also me) made buttons for the senior moms… so basically I made my own button plus others. 🤣

They ended up winning the game, 2-1 in overtime. To address large group restrictions due to COVID-19, only allow 25% capacity is allowed at sporting events. Probably not going to be a problem for soccer games. Each player received four tickets. No passes were allowed. Spectators had to wear masks in common areas of the stadium, but could remove them in the stands if social distancing was possible.

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