#COVIDchaos – things may never be the same

This Harry Potter meme made me laugh! 🤣

On Aug. 6, there were 18,912,947 COVID-19 cases worldwide, 4,867,916 in the United States, 30,084 in Kansas and 4,723 in Sedgwick County.

There is no denying our lives have changed the past few months, as have people’s attitudes and feelings. People are tired, scared and anxious. The general societal tone is negative and angry. People want things “back to normal.”

But here’s the deal. There’s no “getting back to normal.” We may never go back to the blissful way of life prior to February 2020. School, work, travel, life — all may not ever be the same.

Things have changed. We’ve missed out on celebrations, milestones, events, friends and family. We can’t go to events or restaurants like before. We second guess “hanging out” with others. Wearing masks and staying six feet apart is awkward for us. Some stores are closed. We’ve lost jobs and had to homeschool our kids. We can’t go to the movies. Sporting events are happening with no fans. “Not knowing” has become normal. Everyone is concerned about school opening for the 2020-2021 school year. There’s a sense of uneasiness in the air.

We’ve had to adjust every aspect of our daily routine. We have to accept that and move on and make the best of it. And yes, it sucks a**.

Complaining and constant negativity about the situation will not make it better. The quicker we accept these changes, and accept this is life now and might be for a while, the faster we can move forward. We can’t change things, so let’s adapt and adjust. We can get through this!

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