#COVIDchaos – when will school start?

By now, I thought we’d be on the downhill from the #COVIDchaos, but here we are at more than four million cases in the United States and 144,000+ deaths. And we can’t seem to get this under control.

This graphic tells a grim story:

My community finally passed a mask mandate on July 3. But as we all know with COVID-19, it has a two week incubation period. So we’ve seen a rapid increase in cases over the past several weeks.

School is still an unknown, with more turmoil as the Governor mandated schools to delay the first day of school until after Labor Day. That was rejected in a tie vote by the state Board of Education, which means it’s up to each school district to determine the start of school.


The Governor also announced a school mask mandate, which requires schools meeting in person to follow safety rules with adults and students wearing masks. However, our Attorney General said that schools can opt-out of the mask mandate.

We are still waiting to see our district’s school plan. Will it be in-person? Virtual? A hybrid? When will it start?

Soccer conditioning is still happening, and we’re waiting for our state’s high school athletic association to offer some kind of guidance for fall sports.

The Facebook parent group for my kid’s school district has become a name-calling, cruel and angry space. The people of America are losing it.

I just want a plan. I don’t care what the plan is. I just need to know what is going on.

I’ve spent lots of time researching masks and sending them back when the boys don’t like them. There’s also a possible shortage of soda and beer. We still see random items “out” at the grocery store. The latest is Bran Flakes and canned green beans.

Disney announced a delay of 17 films, which affects the movie industry through 2028. Movie theaters are still closed.

Nobody really knows what’s going on in the world.


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