Summer jobs in 2020

We embarrassed our kids last year by showing up at their summer job or posting their volunteer work. Why stop now?

Our youngest works at McAlister’s deli in the kitchen, assembling sides, spuds and salads, and scooping up soups.

Masks, gloves and non-slip shoes required, plus a temperature check when you arrive for your shift. He works about 25-30 hours a week. He does have something to put on his resume now – a worker who was training him said he “wasn’t a numbskull.” 🤣

Our oldest works at a locally owned pizza place. He also works in the kitchen, making pizza crust (from scratch), and assembling sandwiches and salads. He also must wear a mask and gloves, and works about 25 hours a week. We’ve eaten more pizza in the last three weeks than the last year.

It was challenging finding a job this summer… you know… with all the #covidchaos. Restaurants were doing carryout only a few months ago, and no one was hiring. 😕

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