Summer work

I threatened suggested to the boys that they should find something “to do” this summer. We were not going to have a repeat of last summer…which was a free for all to each Cheez-Its all day, play video games and binge on Netflix.

OK…I exaggerated a little. They did go to the high school soccer conditioning two mornings and two evenings a week.

But. that. was. it.

This summer, I told them they had to get a job, do volunteer work, or find some camps to go to. Otherwise, they would come to work with me and do menial busy work for free.

Zach found a volunteer opportunity at the Habitat ReStore. He goes about once or twice a week and sweeps, cleans and dusts, and straightens and puts inventory back on shelves. Yay!

Here’s a pic he sent while he was there.


Adam was hired at Braum’s, a hamburger and ice cream place. He works about 20 hours a week. He’s trained to scoop ice cream, ring up orders, work the drive thru, clean the store and work in the market.


There were five of us who ordered ice cream from Adam. He was thrilled we were all there to see him at work.


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