#COVIDchaos week 8

I forgot to check on Monday, but as of Tuesday, April 28, there were 3.11M+ cases worldwide, 1.03M+ in the U.S., 3,491 in Kansas and 351 in Sedgwick County.

Coronavirus testing continues to be a hot topic. There are not enough tests, and having tests available is still months off. There’s also talk of “tracing” for the virus – meaning a way to “trace” everyone who has come into contact with a person who has tested positive.

Monday, April 27 (Day 34)
It’s now been reported that there might be a disruption in meat supply chain, due to the meat packing plants closing because of COVID-19.

Ford county in western Kansas has the second highest concentration of cases, most likely because there is a meat packing plant there.

Stores are still limiting certain household items like soap, hand sanitizer and toilet paper.

Watched next Marvel movie – Ant-Man. Ali watches too.

IMG_2310 copy

We Zoomed with Aunt Lisa.

Tuesday, April 28 (Day 35)

The boys had ordered new discs to play disc golf and headed to the high school course this afternoon. Didn’t last long though because it was super windy.

I placed an online order at Sams, went to pick it up and was promptly told by the worker there that I had ordered from the east side store. I headed across town and then had to call east side store and explain what happened because I couldn’t “check in” on the app because I had already checked in at the other store.

Tuesday Takeout was Hog Wild Barbecue again. We ate outside on the deck.

The high school is trying to find a way to hold graduation for seniors in July, while also following any health recommendations.

Wednesday, April 29 (Day 36)

Adam took his trigonometry final, which doesn’t mean that the class is over, just that the portion covering trig is done. He also finished building the Lego Police Station.

Zach is watching a 1953 version of Julius Caesar for English. It has subtitles. Sounds like something I would be annoyed to watch. He finished his photography graphic design project in record time. Other design projects during online class have been designing a coronavirus infographic and updating the famous American Gothic painting to have a more current look. His class is using pixlr, a free design program since they can’t use any Adobe products they had access to at school.

We watched another Marvel movie – Captain America: Civil War.

Thursday, April 30 (Day 37)

It’s the Parks & Recreation reunion show! Adam and I sang along … “Bye, Bye Lil’ Sebastian…”

The Governor outlined the plan for Kansas to reopen – if all goes as planned, all businesses will be back open at full capacity by June 15. On this same day, our cases increased by 500 in 24 hours, the largest jump so far.

Several businesses have announced large layoffs including aircraft manufactures and Regal cinemas.

Friday, May 1 (Day 38)

It was 88 degrees today, the warmest it’s been all year. The boys picked up Panera for lunch, and we ended up with double the amount of french baguettes and chips, which is interesting because last time we didn’t have enough of those items.

IMG_2313 copy

In the afternoon, the boys mowed and then went down to Oma and Papa’s to help Oma plant flowers. Zach stayed behind and moved, and then talked to Oma about Julius Caesar and to Papa about his computer. I think he got some ice cream out of the deal.

We hung out on the deck for a while.

IMG_2315 copy

On to the next Marvel movie – Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Saturday, May 2 (Day 39)

Back to Cheney Lake to play disc golf.

We cleaned out our back gutters – looks like fireworks were clogging the gutters.

We’re making our way through the Marvel movies – Dr. Strange this time.

Sunday, May 3 (Day 40)

Another day of “nothing much.” Scott went to the grocery store. We put some ribs in the crockpot for dinner tonight. I saw out on the deck most of the day, as it was sunny and 75 degrees.

We Zoomed with the Hilgers, Hattebergs, Katie, and Jake and Rosie.

On Sunday, May 3, there were 3.49M+ cases worldwide, 1.18M+ in the U.S., 5,030 in Kansas and 399 in Sedgwick County.

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