Social distancing Saturday – Cheney Lake, take 2

The boys got new discs for disc golf, so we headed back out to the Cheney Lake course to try it out. Ali and I walked the course while the boys played.

IMG_2318 copy

While it was 85 degrees, we learned last week that there’s lots of bugs out there, including ticks. So we wore long sleeves and pants, and covered ourselves in bug spray.

From my five second Google research, the course opened in 2018, so it’s pretty new. The baskets look new, and there was no one there when we got there at noon. By the time we left, I think there were 2 other groups playing.

You can see Zach in the trees on the left.

IMG_2323 copy

Since there wasn’t a soul out there with us, we let Ali off the leash. If you know Ali, this is huge deal.

IMG_2339 copy

Some had to play in the trees…

IMG_2333 copy

Some spent time looking for discs in the trees…the red circle is Ali!

IMG_2342 2 copy

IMG_2347 copy

If you aren’t playing, this is the scenic Kansas views.

IMG_2341 copy

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