Social distancing Saturday – Sand Hills State Park

IMG_2055 copy

Last week, we practiced social distancing at the Old Oxford Mill in Oxford, Kansas. This week we headed to Sand Hills State Park, right near Hutchinson, Kansas. During these trips, we make the boys drive (and we drive our 1998 Camry!) and we try and take state highways or two-lane roads whenever possible.

What a great park with flat and easy walking trails. There’s a portion that is heavily wooded, and we thought maybe we’d see the Blair Witch.

IMG_2070 copy

We did a find part of a dead animal’s leg…

IMG_2058 copy

We climbed to the top of a dune.

IMG_2066 copy

View from the top.

IMG_2065 copy

It was muddy and wet in some places and maneuvering Ali around it proved to be quite the feat. At one point, Zach had to carry her.

IMG_2061 copy

We heard frogs, but couldn’t see them.

After, we convinced ourselves that we need Braum’s ice cream shakes. One small chocolate (me), one small vanilla (Scott), one medium chocolate (Zach), one medium peppermint (Adam).

On the way home, we found out St. Louis and Kansas City were both going on lockdown. Back to real life. #CovidChaos

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